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Why Developer Adoption of Cloud Is Important?

Why Developers Will Be Excited by the Cloud

Cloud Computing holds a unique distinction of sorts, since most other earlier IT related innovations like SOA, BI Analytics or WEB and others are thought out and driven by software developers before it reaches the CIO, CFO and the business, whereas Cloud Computing found early adoption from the CIO/CFO and business communities more than developers.

Various research findings from top cloud players indicate that businesses and CIOs adopt cloud much faster to the level of 5X faster than the IT community. This fact is ascertained by the various marketing materials from cloud vendors.

In that context, involvement of developer community toward cloud Adoption will provide the full push for the complete enterprise adoption of Cloud and ultimately business realizing its benefits.

Why Developers Will Be Excited by the Cloud

  • While most materials of the cloud talk about the CAPEX and OPEX reduction which is not a direct responsibility for the developers, in theory today's developers are frustrated by the lack of proper development environment to freely express their ideas.
  • Development environment in most shops are:
    • Not sized properly due to resource constraints resulting in developers spending lot of time on code, build and test activities
    • Developers share their environment resulting each other over writing others if not properly planned, this is resulting in wastage of productive time and unnecessary frustration
    • Developers don't get all the tools they wanted due to licensing issues
    • Developers don't have administrative skills to provision complex software configurations
    • Most development of applications subject to testing in multiple platforms, for example if you develop a Windows Based Application, you may wanted to develop and test for Win7, Vista, IE9, Office 2010 and various combinations of them, provisioning these multiple environments quickly during the development cycle is a daunting task.
  • The above points make it very clear, the developer community will be very excited by the adoption of IaaS in the form of development and test provision options which are simply out of the box and avoid their time being spent on unnecessary administrative tasks
  • Developer community is always a strong proponent of Reusable Components and they are the best one to understand the value of SaaS and provide a value proposition to CxOs about the monetary benefits of reusing SaaS rather than building them from scratch
  • Developer community is generally confused by the multiple platforms and frameworks and not able to select the correct path unless directed clearly, PaaS from leading pioneers of the industry like Microsoft will definitely provide them the much needed clarity and direction in developing new software. Rapid development tools and debuggers available as part of Cloud PaaS are always a winner with the development community.
  • Most times development effort is linked with lot of Research & Development needs because the territory they work on is subject to unknowns and unpredictable results. Currently the development community is not in a good base to create the POC (Proof Of Concepts ) involving different combinations of frameworks and software, IaaS along with self-service and rapid provisioning will provide them much needed ground for performing POC and give the best and efficient options for the enterprises

Cloud Developer Conference Chennai / SEP10th 2011

With the obvious arguments about the need for developer community to adopt to Cloud, I am happy to introduce the Cloud Developer Conference In Chennai.

This conducted by a leading technology magazine, Silicon India, SiliconIndia is 14-year old media firm that publishes two technology & business magazines - one in the U.S and the other in India. The conference deals with the following topics. I am also happy to be invited to present on the conference to the support for adoption of Cloud among developer community.

Cloud Computing Patterns & Best Practices

Considerations for moving applications to the Cloud

Building developing on Windows Azure Application

Deploying and Managing an On-premise IaaS Cloud

Cloud Bursting for Fun and Profit

Architecting the Cloud: How EAs should think about Cloud Computing

Integrated financial applications using Intuit's PaaS Solution

Cloud Systems Automation

Developers in the region are requested to visit the Web Site mentioned above and analyze the Sessions and can attend the session for getting a developer perspective of the Cloud.

Disclaimer: I have no direct business or financial relationship with the above organization that is conducting the event, and my interest in the conference is more of Developer Adoption of Cloud and Cloud Evangelism and this information should be treated as a support to the Industry's cause and the views about the conference are my personal.

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