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In the past decade "workflow" has become one of the most overloaded terms in the software industry. Almost every application is tagged as "based on workflow." While this doesn't always mean a lot, there is good reason for it; it involves recognition among software architects that the business process is the application. With the advent of Web services, workflow vendors and enterprise application integration (EAI) vendors are aligning themselves and often reinventing themselves to make full use of Web services and the inherent strengths of the asynchronous, loosely coupled software model. While Web services are powerful in and of themselves, the combination of Web services with a process-based approach is even stronger. This marriage of workflow with Web services is often termed Web services orchestration. Orchestration is a relatively new term, but it's already bein... (more)

Straight-Through Processing and Orchestration of Web Services

One word can describe the current state within financial organizations as far as straight-through processing (STP) is concerned: confusion. In the current state of STP implementation in almost every financial institution, its scope is still limited and it targets only a portion of the underlying financial instruments and product and business lines, and requires a full development cycle for each product addition. This article presents a paradigm to achieve internal and external STP through the orchestration of Web services. We discuss the fundamentals of STP, introduce the concept... (more)

Welcome to Web Services

Welcome to the newest addition to WebSphere Developer's Journal. This column is devoted to the subject of Web services within the WebSphere family of products. You must have heard about Web services, and maybe even written a few; well, it's time to address this important topic in the context of WebSphere development. In this monthly column I'll cover the entire software life cycle, including using WebSphere Studio tools to develop Web services, testing and packaging of Web services, deployment on the WebSphere application server, and publishing Web services on registries. I'll al... (more)

Developing Web Services with WebSphere Studio

So you've heard all about how great Web services are and how they are revolutionizing the way distributed systems are being developed. You've read all about how this new set of standards is changing the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) space and how it's finally making interoperability possible. You've even heard that it's possible to make calls on code written in C# and deployed using ASP.NET and have read an article or two about SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. It's time to take the next step. This month I thought it fitting to cater to those of you ready to take the plunge and t... (more)

Building DB2-Based Web Services Using WebSphere: Part 1

I've been involved with Web services for more than a year now. After the initial fascination and learning curve that are part of any new technology comes the part where you roll up your sleeves and start applying it for the sake of solving real problems or making architectural improvements to an existing system - as opposed to applying the technology for the sake of applying the technology. I discovered early on that many real Web services applications involve database access. In many cases, Web services serve as an access layer, allowing functionality implemented in database ma... (more)